Professional Basketball Institute For Higher Learning

DeepWater provides the foundation necessary to develop skills at any age or level of play. Our program is dedicated to helping the boys and girls’ basketball players of the community to reach their full potential on and off the court. Our knowledge and experience create an unrivaled environment for assisting passionate basketball players to play at the highest level.

Monday - Friday

15:00 - 21:00


Private Training Sessions


Private Training Sessions

Our vision and experience + philosophy

Change of Perspective

Focusing on the individual player, we build skill sets from the ground up by giving players the tools they need to compete against higher-level competition.

Mentorship From Experience

Teaching both fundamental and advanced techniques plus tactics, our coaching staff is able to bring out the best in each athlete.

"I thought I was working hard until I started working out with Coach Mike. He showed me a whole new level and side of the game. The way he breaks the game down and emphasizes on small details has helped me take huge leaps in my game. It is such a good and motivating environment to grow and challenge yourself"


Trial Day

If you would like to check out our program, you are welcome to schedule a day to meet with us.

100% free day to check out our program and meet the staff

A chance for the player to get a feel for the environment

No expectations! Come as you are, we accept all levels and look forward to seeing you :)

Weekly & Monthly


Group Sessions designed to push and challenge each player in different aspects of the game.

We provide weekly and monthly sessions that are flexible around your schedule

Our group training programs maximizes talent at each level from beginner to professional

Group size is dependent on the amount of gym space available

Private Training

Individual training that is unique to the player for mastering strengths & enhancing weaknesses.

Training & Mentorship that is constructed to enhance the players natural abilities

Flexible training times and intensity levels

On the court and off the court access for coaching + mentorship

Book your player evaluation with ease!

Why we stand out from the rest

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“I really like working with Mike he’s always helped me to improve on my game both skill and mental wise. He knows what he’s doing and gives valuable tips which are potential game changers, working with him is definitely a blessing and I’m excited to work with him next summer”


"To practice with Coach Mike is always special as he is very experienced and has a good relationship to all his players. He always makes sure to be there for everyone and individually helps players to reach their full potential by answering questions, showing film, giving great advice as well as he always passes on his knowledge. In addition Mike is one of the chillest guys to be around"


"Training with Mike is extremely helpful, especially if you want to improve your shot because he has a lot of ideas and corrects my small details to make my shot perfect"


Get a free player evaluation

Monday - Friday

3:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Private Training Sessions


Private Training Sessions

Hello, there! We look forward to having you with us :)



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Believe In Yourself


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We Are Unique

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The Gift That

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